Importance of Article Submission in Search Engine Optimization

Article submission is the best way to promote content on the website. It is one of the widely used activities in SEO Company in Kolkata. In this activity, good quality and engaging content are submitted for article submission. The contents are posted on websites having a very high number of daily visitors. It helps the website to target its audience through the potential of big quality websites. There are so many websites that allow submitting well-written articles on their website. It also helps websites to provide a great user experience if there is quality content on the website.


Advantages of article submission 


1. Increase Traffic

Article submission is the best way to bring huge traffic to your website. To get the traffic, you need to write a quality article having engaging content. Now post this article on some of the best article sites. If you are writing blogs related to technology, web development or programming, then "" is the best site to submit your article. If your blog is related to tours and travels, then you can use "". For the general category’s websites like, are the best high pr websites to submit the articles. By submitting articles on these websites, you can increase your website traffic.


2. Informing Users

The article could be the best way to inform the user about any updates, changes, terms or conditions. In well-written content, you can tell the user in your messages. If you are starting some new services or products, you can write an article with the specification to inform the users about your products. It will also help you to create a buzz or awareness about your product. It is also a good marketing strategy to promote any product or service.


3. Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority is now very popular in SEO services. There is no exact evidence that shows domain authority is a ranking factor. But if you want to increase the domain authority and page authority of your website, then article submission could be a great way. By submitting the article on various websites, you can increase the domain authority of your website. There are also so many ways to increase domain authority that we will discuss on some other blog. 


4. Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are important in SEO to rank a website in Google. So, most SEO experts try to find ways to create backlinks. Article submission is one of the widely used and trusted SEO activities to get quality backlinks. Write engaging content related to your niche and submit it to a website. You need to make sure that you are submitting the article to a website having a high number of active users. By doing it, you can get a quality backlink for your websites. You can add up to two backlinks to your article. Adding more backlinks on your website may be count as spam by Google so it is better to go with two backlinks.  


5. Google Ranking Improvement

Articles are effective factors to improve the google ranking of any website. By submitting quality content of your niche to the best article websites, you can boost website ranking. Regularly submitting articles is a proven strategy to get a better ranking performance on Google.

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